Thursday, February 25, 2010

Work in progress 2

This is an unfortunately blurry photo taken after applying the impasto base layer of the cliffs with palette knives...

...and here are the cliffs after several color washes and some detail brushwork. The detail work, for the most part, consists of emphasizing ridges and crevices that were already sort of "sculpted" in the impasto layer. I'm doing a lot of color washes with this one since I want the cliffs to glow (the color in this photo turned out muted, but it still has a ways to go anyway). I'm even trying out a shimmery metallic gold paint from Golden, which I'm mixing in small amounts with my regular heavy-bodied acrylics for washes.

I decided to try documenting the progress of a painting in preparation for a demonstration in May. An art club in Sumner, WA has asked me to demonstrate my technique for them, so I figured that these "work in progress" posts would be helpful practice. I think I'll have to bring several pieces at various stages of completion in order to show all the stages I go through...kind of like on a cooking show.

P.S. Click on the photos for larger versions...the texture shows up much better in the bigger pictures.

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