Friday, January 1, 2010

Take Me Home

Take Me Home
acrylic on canvas
Available for purchase at Revolution Gallery, Issaquah, WA

This painting depicts a field after harvest. I used a brush to soften up the grass around the road but left the clouds looking chunky.

I find that particular music puts me in the painting zone, so when I was feeling uninspired after beginning this piece, I put on an old standby that helped to urge me forward...Phil Collins, for some odd reason, inspires painting in me. I have no idea why. That should help explain where this painting's title comes from, anyway.

A SONG of the grass and fields!A song of the soil, and the good green grass!A song no more of the city streets;A song of the soil of the fields.A song with the smell of sun-dried hay, where the nimble pitchers handle the pitch-fork;A song tasting of new wheat, and of fresh-husk'd maize.-Walt Whitman, from "A Carol of Harvest"

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suzyQ said...

I love this!! Very home-esque.