Friday, May 14, 2010

Work in progress - barn

Work in progress

I tend to feel a bit awkward when posting pictures of a work-in-progress - it's like catching the painting without its bathrobe on. I'm trying to get over that, though, so that I can be more open with my paintings and share my process on this blog, as well as the finished pieces.

The barn's texture is there, although it's hard to see in this photo. If you enlarge it, you'll notice that I've scratched the palette knife across the semi-tacky paint of the barn to produce the effect of wood siding. It's now ready for me to go in with a brush and create the shadows and highlights - I'm mostly just accentuating the troughs and ridges of the impasto layer. Then color washes will be added to create a weathered appearance. The foreground needs lots of love, as do the trees, etc.

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